Worst SEO Mistakes in 2020

SEO is one of the most important marketing aspects. It is important to keep your SEO up to date with the 200 Google’s SEO tools.

Worst SEO mistakes:

  1. 404s – Google hates broken pages – Make sure to fix them, 301 redirect them or just remove them
  2. Writing content just for SEO
  3. Not building backlinks
  4. Getting backlinks from low DR and DA websites
  5. Link building too fast
  6. Too many 301 redirects
  7. Stuffing keywords on titles and content
  8. Images have are too large
  9. Paying for backlinks
  10. Keyword stuffing
  11. No sitemap
  12. Not optimizing the right keywords
  13. Website is too slow – check your speed here
  14. Localization- if you are targeting specific countries, it is better to localize the website instead of leaving in .com
  15. Not uploading new content – Google loves when you upload new content because they then know that your company/website is still running.
  16. Not mobile optimizing the website
  17. Duplicate content
  18. Bad URLs
  19. No Breadcrumb navigations
  20. ALT on images
  21. Orphan pages

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