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How to do a proper SEO Keyword Research

how to do a proper seo keyword research

Congratulations, our new SEO Gurus! Today, you will be learn the basics on HOW TO PROPERLY DO A KEYWORD RESEARCH FOR SEO! Keyword research is a lot of fun, but also VERY TIME CONSUMING… Do you know how important On-Site SEO is for your business? Wouldn’t it be great to finally start ranking on the […]

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer or Google Keyword Planner?

how to find the correct seo keyword search volume Ahrefs or google keyword planner

Have you noticed that Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and Google Keyword Planner volumes do not match? If you have been using both Ahrefs and Google Ads to check the monthly volume of a keyword, you have then probably noticed that both of the tools end up showing different results. So which software should you trust – […]