How to get FREE Backlinks

how to get free backlinks

As we all know, SEO is one of the most important long-term marketing strategies. And the backlink strategy is currently Google’s most favorite way of ranking you higher on search engines.

However, a lot of businesses struggle to get backlinks. While small companies need around 3 high DR/DA backlinks per week, large companies or the ones with more competition need at least 1 backlink per day that has a higher DR/DA than 40.

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How to get backlinks for FREE?

  1. Post your URL on free websites such as Wikipedia, Yellow Pages, Reddit, etc – EASY TO DO
  2. Create good content for other websites to share – MODERATE
  3. Ask companies to share your content – HARD

How to get backlinks at a cheap price?

  1. Use freelancing tools such as Helping Marketing or UpWork – EASY TO DO
  2. Ask your clients to insert your URL in their websites – MODERATE
  3. Reach out to other companies – HARD

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Ideas for backlinks

Does adding your URL on a commenting section of other websites help?

The answer is no. It does not help your SEO. Although Google says that they index comments, it has been noticed that it will not rank you much higher. Getting your URL on someone’s post is much better than commenting on a blog.

If you still decide to go to the commenting section, make sure that that the content is similar to your business. Otherwise, Google will understand that you are commenting only for SEO purposes (which may eventually harm your rankings).

Important to keep in mind

  1. Make sure the backlink is a do-index do-follow link
  2. The website from where you got your backlink is relevant to your business
  3. If you got a backlink through a blog post, make sure the blog has the right amount of keywords and synonyms

Would you like to get backlinks for a cheap price?


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