How to do a proper SEO Keyword Research

how to do a proper seo keyword research

Congratulations, our new SEO Gurus! Today, you will be learn the basics on HOW TO PROPERLY DO A KEYWORD RESEARCH FOR SEO!

Keyword research is a lot of fun, but also VERY TIME CONSUMING…

Do you know how important On-Site SEO is for your business? Wouldn’t it be great to finally start ranking on the keywords with which you could reach your audience all around the world for FREE?

How should I do a proper Keyword Research for my own language?

Here we have a short guide on how to do a proper SEO keyword research (in your local language only).

Let’s say you are an auto car shop, and you want to sell your cars in an English speaking country.

Step 1 – How should my shop be described as?

Automobile shop? Auto shop? Car shop?

Find the suggested keywords on Google Keyword Planner. Then choose the one you would like to use (remember that most of the time, the keywords that have the highest volume are very hard to rank with).

After you choose the keyword, go to Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, and analyze the keyword. Check how hard it is to rank with the chosen keyword in your country.

You can see that the monthly search volume changes drastically on Ahrefs (Ahrefs shows that this keyword has a monthly search volume of 40, while Google Keyword Planner showed 90,500). This is because Google Keyword Planner counts the amount of searches per month DIFFERENTLY from Ahrefs.

Keyword ranking difficulty

Sometimes Google Keyword Planner doesn’t show ”all related keywords”, so it’s always good to double-check what other keywords Ahrefs & SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool are recommending.

Finding synonyms that other car shops rank for

From the above screenshot, we can see that the keyword ”car store” has a very high volume. Although a search volume on Ahrefs on a keyword ”car store” is lower than ”auto car store” on Google Keyword Planner, it is still very important to double check what volume Google Keyword Planner will give for this keyword.

Therefore, take Ahrefs’ chosen keyword ”car store”, and once again paste in on Google Keyword Planner.

Now we can see that the keyword ”auto part store” is the most googled keyword which is still a relevant keyword to the initial ”automobile store”.

IMPORTANT – However this does not mean that it is still the best keyword to use! You need to do much more research, check more keywords, and check keyword ranking difficulty.

Keyword difficulty for the keyword which has the highest volume

Also, make sure to do a VERY GOOD competitor research. Find what keywords they are ranking with, and check their volumes together with ranking difficulty.


1. Make sure that you are really selling auto parts if you are going for this keyword.

2. This does not mean that you need to name your shop with this keyword. It is always good to have a list of keywords which are relevant to your business, and use them around your website – if you add up all the keywords which are relevant and have high monthly volumes, your website will be found by thousands of more people.


Step 2 – What keywords should I use on the whole website?

For your website to rank, you need content. The more SEO optimized your content is, the higher you will rank, together with more keywords.

How to do that? Mainly through competitors.

Through Ahrefs, find your competitors, and analyse their keywords. Do not just analyse any competitor, because you might end up analysing the ones who do not do any SEO! Always make sure that the website’s DR is over 50!

Looking at competitors’ DR

After you found your competitors, drop their URLs in the Site Explorer tab on Ahrefs. Here you will be able to get a good idea on on how they work on their SEO, together with all the keywords that they are ranking with.

Export all the keywords from a minimum of 5 competitors

After choosing all the relevant keywords from a minimum of 5 competitors, take them all (or as many as you can), and once again double-check their volumes (on Google Keyword Planner) and keyword difficulty.

Part 3 – Triple check with SEMrush – for new keyword suggestions

This is not the most important process, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. There is no such tool which will give you all the information at once. It takes a lot of time analysing, and finding the right keywords.

SEMrush Magic Tool will highly help you with new keyword ideas. THERE WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH KEYWORDS! Don’t forget that each keyword will help you bring new customers.

If you decide to do a proper keyword research, and use SEMrush, put all new keywords in an excel, together with their volumes. (Note that SEMrush volumes are very similar to Google Keyword Planner’s, therefore you will not need to double check their volumes)

And after, you will have the FULL KEYWORD RESEARCH!

Idea of how your Keyword Planner should look like

As mentioned before, this process is very time consuming, however a very, very important part of SEO.

Extra notes –

  1. Try to choose between 500-10,000 keywords that you would like to rank for (depending on the size of your business)
  2. Focus not only on high volume keywords, but also on long tail keywords. This will make it easier for you to rank on Google.
  3. If you do not use Ahrefs or SEMrush, you can then try using other SEO tools, however we personally prefer to use tools that are mentioned in this guide (as these are the most accurate tools that we have tried).

Good news – we are ready with the presentation on how to do a keyword research!

Bad news- this is not the end… there is so much more to learn. But at least you got the basics!

And don’t forget – if you need any help with your Keyword Research, let us know! We will more than glad to help 🙂

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