Difference between Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking in SEO

difference between crawling indexing and ranking in seo

In order for your website to show up on Google or any other engine, your content should firstly be visible on search engines.

Short descriptions:

  1. Crawl – searches for new content in every URL bots find
  2. Index – after crawlers read the content, they decide for which keywords they want to rank you
  3. Rank – crawlers decide on which page to keep your content

How crawling works?

how web crawling works
How web crawling works

Web crawlers are computer programs that scan and read websites. They crawl all the pages on each website through internal links, which allows them to understand the information about what each website is all about.

The crawling process begins when crawlers visit your URLs and sitemap. They read new content and then the indexing part starts.

Check how Google is crawling your website

How Indexing works

Once the crawler crawled your URLs, then indexing comes in. Indexing means Google stores every web page in a vast database and taking note of your keywords.


How to check if your website is indexed

Go to Google, then search for site:yourwebsite.com


google seach about site:helpingmarketing.com

If you find some issues or would like to change something, go to:

Google Search Console > Index > Coverage

There are many ways how you could make Google’s indexing better and faster. Some tips include:

  1. Build high quality backlinks
  2. Remove low quality backlinks
  3. Add internal links
  4. Check for orphaned pages
  5. Include the pages on the sitemap
  6. Edit robots.txt

How Ranking Works

This is the last and most difficult part of the process – when your website starts ranking. A page can get crawled and indexed, but not rank well at all. 

Improving rankings relies very heavily on the on-page content and overall site authority and off-site (linking) efforts.

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